What is LostMoney?

LostMoney is the official site for finding your lost money and property from all around the US.  We have served millions of Americans and have been instrumental in the recovery of millions in the past decade.  There are several sites who have copied our model, but we are the only website promising to let you keep all your money.  Our model focuses on charity and giving. Do not let sites with similar promises and names fool you with fees. LostMoney is the only totally free consumer service dedicated to finding lost money and property totally ad and spam free.

In the past decade alone there has been over $1 trillion dollars in unclaimed property that has been registered through the government.  This is money and property that is rightfully yours, so let us help you find and claim it. Every year millions more dollars are added to each state’s fund so it is time to capitalize on this.  The claim process is simple all you need to do is start by filling out one of our thorough contact forms on our website. This will give us the information we need to start the search for your lost money today.

Through the creation of a family profile, we allow researchers to analyze the most probable sources of lost money and property unique to you, and your family.  This is the first step in finding what is rightfully yours. The last audit held that there is an average of $892 in unclaimed funds for every American. This is just within the government!  There are billions more dollars in unclaimed funds in public sources like companies and financial institutions. All the information that we collect we do not sell, trade, or abuse. We know how the internet works, but out goal is to help make the internet a better place through trust and privacy.

One of the core backbones of LostMoney is the giving aspect to charity.  Instead of taxing a percentage of what is yours, we recommend you donate a percentage to the charity of your choice.  We have a list of charities on our website that we have donated to and worked with. Charities we support are all around the US and take a look at our charity page to find a cause that resonates with you.

On our website we have a list of all unclaimed property offices for each state.  This is to simplify the contact between you and your lost property and money. Government offices are a great start, but they are often slow and can take months to go through the process.  LostMoney works in conjunction with these organizations to provide you with the best experience possible.

Our design is to make searching for lost money and property easy.  All you will need to do is fill out a contact form and the process will begin.  Once the search has started we will search from the listed states, if yours is not on there you may need to look separately for your specific state.  A great tool for more information would be checking out our Youtube channel that has a plethora of resources.





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