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LostMoney Adopts the FarSuperior Privacy Policy for 2021-2023

 LostMoney Adopts the FarSuperior Privacy Policy for 2023

Thank you for your confidence and trust in If you just submitted a family profile, then it is being processed and you should receive an email or text message within 24 hours confirming your free member account with the LostMoney community.  We have been online and serving millions of consumers since 1996.  You will not need to renew your account, since it is free and we continue to work for you year after year, as millions of new LostMoney accounts are added to our files.

Why is your privacy our priority? The Internet is filled with websites that provide services and information products without charging consumers. However 99.9% of those free sites are filled with tons of Advertisements and require visitors to give up their personal information which is in turn sold, resold and shared with dozens if not hundreds of marketing sites.

LostMoney has a #farsuperior privacy policy in that we have never, in our entire existence on the Internet, sold, rented, given away, shared or otherwise used “abused” our consumer member’s personal information.  Never have, never will.  This strict privacy policy was created by and’s founder Wayne Warrington.  Wayne is a consumer advocate and a true believer in consumer rights towards privacy and the protection of their personal data.

So what exactly do we do with the personal information “data” that you as a LostMoney Member provide to us.   We use it to:

  1.  Create a family profile that our research team uses to determine the best and highest yielding resources to access for YOU in order to help you identify unclaimed property “lost money” that can be claimed by you and/or your family members.
  2. Identify resources that we trust and believe can benefit YOU as a consumer of products and services that match your interests, based upon what YOU  have provided to us.
  3.  Enhance the free reports and research services and website content, to match more of what your interests are.
  4. Communicate with YOU for exactly what you ask for.  Information that can enhance your life.
  5. Any if you are interested, help you raise money for a favorite worthwhile charity or humanitarian cause without reaching into your pocket.

That’s it.   Pretty cool isn’t it!   A website that does NOT charge its visitors “members” for valuable services and consumer reports.   A website that is not crowded with Advertisements.  A website that does not waste your time.  That’s us… welcome to

How do we make money?

This question comes up all the time.  One of those “This is to good to be true questions” that comes up when people find out we do all the work for free.

Do we make money?  Meaning do we profit from  NO.  We do not make money.  Our goal is to cover our costs and to help build one of the largest charitable giving organizations in America.

Back in the 1980’s LostMoney’s founder, Wayne Warrington, used to charge clients 10% for the assistance provided here on  In the late 90s he was so frustrated with the lack of support consumers received from the unclaimed property trustees and holders that he converted LostMoney into a not-for-profit organization and used his own resources to help consumers throughout North America recover over $200 million in lost money accounts.   By 2005 this process was so successful and Wayne had so many consumers calling him, writing to him, offering to send him money for the great results they had, Wayne’s response changed from “NO” we will not accept any payment whatsoever, to  …. “If you would like to write a check as a way to say thank you for our free reports, please do so… however, write the check to your favorite charity.”  The next thing we knew was millions of dollars were being sent to charities based upon LostMoney’s success.

We have continued this charitable model and we now have great business partners, a family foundation and other charities that help cover the expenses LostMoney incurs to provide you with the valuable consumer reports and unclaimed property recovery services we provide.

And as for Wayne’s message that he loves to quote…. Remember, Together we CAN make a difference.

Transparency and Retention

The top two areas of consumer data abuse by major companies online is through the lack of transparency and through the retention of consumer data far beyond the initial use.   At we are proud of our simple and clear privacy policy as well as our responsiveness to consumer requests for the deletion of their accounts.   First as you can tell by the above statements, we are very transparent as to our use and purpose of requesting the information we need to provided our services to the best of our abilities on your behalf.   We ask for the information based upon decades of work in the industry and knowing what helps us evaluate and identify the best resources for you to use and access for the purpose of locating and claiming lost money due to you and your family.   That’s it.  Simple.

As for retention, there to we are happy to report we do not retain your account information once you have requested for your account to be deleted, beyond two purposes.  1) When an account is requested to be deleted or cancelled, we do so within a few days of the date the request is reviewed by staff.