Welcome to LostMoney.com

We have had the same look and feel for over a decade.  Yes, it’s true, if it’s not broke don’t fix it.  That was the thought behind the LostMoney.com site for the past 10 to 15 years.  We tried different designs and yet all our consumers loved the simply single page look and feel with NO advertisements.   Unfortunately for us, not for the Internet user base at large, Google made some massive changes in their ranking processes and we lost our search appeal since we just did not conform to the rest of the Internet commerce world.

So… here is our new look… while at the same time, we have NOT given up on the simple, honest, privacy approach to our interaction with our consumer members as we assist them with the location and recovery of their share of the $1 trillion plus in unclaimed property in North America alone.

So how does it work?  What can you expect from LostMoney.com?

  • Clear consistent content as to what unclaimed property is and how you should look for it and claim it.
  • No advertisements, no overwhelming processes to jump through in order to get to what you need.  INFORMATION!
  • A simple and very secure reporting process.  Starts with a short profile form that helps us help you!  The more accurate the information you provide to us, the bigger the value you will find in our custom consumer reporting to you.
  • Why LostMoney and not a government site? Simply this.  The Government sites are not as user friendly and they have a 5 to 6% recovery rate for the accounts they hold, whereas LostMoney has a 94% recovery rate.  We know what we are doing, been doing it for over 30 years and basically we are the experts.
  • Why not use a commercial site?  Well in general… most charge a fee and LostMoney.com is free.  Most capture your personal data and use it, or potentially abuse it and in many cases they simply sell it.  Then there are those pesky advertisers that are all over the commercial sites, popping up here and there when all you want is the information and help you came for.
  • If we do not sell or abuse your personal data and we do not charge a fee, how does LostMoney.com make money?    We don’t!  This is a free consumer reporting site that is dedicated in helping consumers “our members” locate and recovery the unclaimed property due to them.
  • Why is LostMoney.com a free site.  Well, long story made short!  The founder was fed up with the greed discovered with the “holders” of your unclaimed property and made a choice to serve the consumers and not the greed by offering the reporting services at no cost.  So this begs the question HOW does LostMoney pay for the costs of the service?  This is handled through support from The Wayne Foundation and various sponsors that have offered support as a way to introduce their quality products and services, when LostMoney’s consumers ask for their information.