Welcome to LostMoney where we are dedicated to helping you claim your unclaimed property!

How We Can Help

Please view this video for details on how our  free consumer report services can help you, or simply start on our Resource Menu to complete our short family contact form that helps our researchers connect you with the correct reports and locate the lost money due to you and your family.

Best wishes for your successful search and recovery of your part of the $1 trillion in unclaimed property in North America and may God bless you and your family.

-Wayne Warrington

Welcome to the Official Site for Lost Money, online since 1996. LostMoney.com has served millions of Americans and has been instrumental in the recovery of over $500 Million in the past decade alone. Do not be fooled by sites using our name or that charge fees or a percentage to recover your unclaimed property. LostMoney.com is a 100% free consumer service that remains an Ad free, Spam Free and Consumer Friendly site.

Every year there are millions of dollars that are being held with the opportunity for you to capitalize on it!  Lost Money has dedicated itself to helping individuals claim what is rightfully theirs!

You can begin your search-and-claim process by filling out one of our contact forms.  We never charge for our services and will never stop working until we have successfully gained what is rightfully yours.

Find out what lost money is out there and how you can get in touch with it through LostMoney.  Check out our article for more information!

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Check out the states with the highest amount of unclaimed wealth.  Get in touch with us to see how you could take hope real money today.

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Real estate law is constantly changing and also varies from state to state.  Read some of our articles to stay on top of the latest tips and trends!

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What We Do

We help you create a family profile that allows our researchers to analyze the most probable sources that may hold money and property that you and your family members can claim.  As of the last audit of unclaimed accounts, the average claim available to residents in North America is $892.00 through various government trustees. Outside of the government sources, there are over $1 trillion in LostMoney accounts with insurance carriers, financial institutions and public companies.  We simply help you connect and claims those accounts. And we do this for free. What we do NOT do is sell, trade, share or abuse your personal contact information. Never have… never will. Yes I know this sounds a bit unusual considering how the Internet works, however it is our goal to help change how the Internet works by making it work for you, not sell you! Check out our videos on privacy at FarSuperior.com

Where We Work

Our research offices are located in Mesa, Arizona at 4711 East Falcon Drive, Suite 252.  However, we work all around the world for you… starting with your state of residence, then expanding to other states based upon the analysis family profile

Our founder, Wayne Warrington, created the unclaimed property location business model in 1979 and has been considered the grandfather of the industry. Unfortunately 99% of the industry still operate “for profit” business models, where Mr. Warrington has developed LostMoney.com into the leading not-for-profit search and recovery service in North America.


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