Frequently Asked Questions

Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington presents reports on what is unclaimed property and how consumers can recover virtually all the unclaimed funds they have due to their families without paying attorneys, private investigators and search firms.

The search and recovery process varies by state, but here at LostMoney we work hard for accelerate the recovery process!

We have been online since 1996 and providing free reports. There are a lot of copycat sites and even groups using the LostMoney name in their websites, including the State of New York. Beware that there are only two sites that are authorized as 100% free for online reports and searches.

Consumer advocate Wayne Warrington with LostMoney.com walks you through the steps and provides the reports you need to stop losing property to the unclaimed state offices.

Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington described the process to claim unclaimed property through LostMoney for your family members.

Every year millions of new unclaimed property and lost money accounts are reported to the various state and federal government offices. With less than 10% of the unclaimed property being reported as of 2014, it is critical for consumers to search every year and to do so through LostMoney.com which improves their chances dramatically.

Since 2005 our services and online search reports for unclaimed property and unclaimed assets have be 100% free to consumers throughout the world. LostMoney’s search efforts are funded through a private family foundation and a select group of sponsors that have dedicated resources to allow LostMoney.com the ability to serve over 4 million consumers in just the past few years alone.

As a consumer advocate, Wayne Warrington has dedicated the past 18 years to the mission of protecting consumer rights with regard to the unclaimed property held in North America. LostMoney is an Ad Free, Spam Free site that does NOT sell its consumer database to third parties. The reports produced by LostMoney are truly designed to educate consumers and assist them with their search efforts for unclaimed funds due to their families.

Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington addresses the use of search firms that charge fees to recover unclaimed property. LostMoney provides free assistance to consumers thus eliminating the need to pay fees in most cases.