Wayne’s Take

Look out…. I’m about to start telling the world what I think, about everything!

Wayne’s Take is just my way of adding a little common sense to the craziness we are seeing in the world today. I mean what the HECK is going on in the world. We went from a relatively peaceful world, just a few short years ago, to chaos in every corner of the globe. Inflation out of control, Government spending like the bank account has no limit and children being told by teachers “we thought we could trust” that being born as a boy or girl means nothing if they want to pretend to be a rabbit, a dog or some form of new variable in the gender/identity equation.

Listen, I am always open to a constructive dialog on virtually any topic of interest. I would just like to suggest that the old school ways of communicating where people would sit down and peaceably talk openly about their thoughts and concerns, without passing judgement on other’s opinions, is in fact a better way to constructive and productive changes in the world. Hearing people out, listening openly to other’s thoughts leads us to much better understanding on how to improve the world around us, vs looting stores, burning buildings, tearing down statues and attempting to re-write history. Too many men and women died to protect our freedom and preserve our history, which through our history we became a stronger, more generous, prosperous and unified country. So let’s continue to build on that, and not tear everything down and claim we have made no progress in the past 200 years.

Stay tune for Wayne’s Take… if I can, I will publish a new Wayne’s Take on a different topic every few weeks. In the meantime, stay in peace, open to talking with compassion and some logic along the way.

May God keep you, bless you and your family and protect our country from those that seek to destroy all that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents worked so hard to build in this, the greatness nation in the world.