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Thank you to those News Shows and Talk Shows that have reported on lost money and unclaimed property over the years.

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April 17th, 2014

As the founder of LostMoney, I wish to welcome you to our  free consumer service online since 1996 and offer you all the reports and information you will need to identify and recover the unclaimed property due to you and your family. There is no charge for our reports and you will NOT be asked to provide your credit card or social security numberBe aware there are copy cat sites on the Internet using our name and charging consumers fees to access very limited "public" databases. You do not need to pay for something that is FREE. 

Our organization is a not-for-profit group dedicated to assisting consumers through out North America.  Virtually every TV talk show and News media outlet has mentioned lost money and or directly referred consumers to for the past decade. We would to acknowledge the reporting efforts of those outstanding news and media groups reflected above. To read about our efforts, we have linked the Wall Street Journal Market Watch coverage of to the pictures at the top of this page.

As of today, LostMoney has over 1.4 million consumer profiles being searched each year and over $348 million dollars has been recovered just in the past few years alone.  On average, each day LostMoney receives over 200 individual account claim requests for unclaimed property located through our consumer reports. You can start your search and receive your reports today. Your profile is NOT maintained online and therefore is not subject to internet hackers or spammers.  Your profile is maintained on our secure server OFFLINE and not accessible to anyone other than our licensed and bonded support staff.

To get started on your free search reports, simply complete the Family Profile form below and its will be forward to our research group for immediately processing.  Once you have completed the profile to the RIGHT, you will be provided free access to our search tools and our claim forms.  If you have questions on how to search or how to claim the money owed to you, our FAQ Videos and Research Staff will be able to assist you further.

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