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January 11th , 2015

As the founder of LostMoney I wish to welcome you to our  free consumer service, online since 1996. There is no charge for our online reports or for the access we provide to you to search right here within our site.  We wish to acknowledge and thank the various news media and talk show hosts that have increased consumer awareness of billions in lost money over the past several years as well as those that have graciously referred their viewers to as a valuable resource for the consumer.  



Today, you do have a choice in finding the money due to you.  And you do NOT have to pay a fee to access our databases, or even pay a percentage to us of the lost money we help you recover.   LostMoney is funded by a private foundation and a hand full of sponsors that are dedicated to helping consumers find their unclaimed property as part of our "pay it forward" program.

As of today, LostMoney has over 1.4 million consumer profiles being searched each year and over $348 million dollars has been recovered just in the past few years alone.  On average, each day LostMoney receives over 200 individual account claim requests for unclaimed property located through our consumer reports. You can start your search and receive your reports today. Your profile is NOT maintained online and therefore is not subject to internet hackers or spammers.  Your profile is maintained on our secure servers OFFLINE and not accessible to anyone other than our licensed and bonded support staff.

To get started on your free search reports, simply complete the Family Profile form below and its will be forward to our research group for immediately processing.  Once you have completed the profile to the RIGHT, you will be provided free access to our search tools and our claim forms.  If you have questions on how to search or how to claim the money owed to you, our FAQ Videos and Research Staff will be able to assist you further.



The most important thing to remember is this... there is no single database in the country, let alone the world, that you can type in your name and find all the unclaimed property due to you and your family.  With literally thousands of sources for unclaimed property, is absolutely the most advanced and comprehensive resource available to you today.  How do I know this?  I started in this industry in 1981 when there was virtually NO EFFORT being made by government offices, corporations, banks or other unclaimed property holders, to return the money due to YOU. They simply would mail a letter to your last known address (which you obviously moved from years earlier) and then turn the money over to the government. Unfortunately their efforts have NOT changed much over the past 30 years. As a matter of fact, as of our reporting in 2012, state government offices where returning on average 6% of the money they were collecting each year.  My average, as a consumer advocate, over the past 10 year is well over 90%.   So as the leading expert in the field of unclaimed property recovery, I know our resources and experience are unmatched anywhere in the world.








Once you have submitted your family profile, you will receive an email to validate your free account with, which will then provide you with our seven free comprehensive unclaimed property reports, our extensive FAQ library complete with our videos on unclaimed property.

Please complete the above form.  All information submitted is held in confidence and maintain OFFLINE in a secured server.  At no time will our staff or anyone from LostMoney's research department ask you for your social security number or credit card or banking information.  If you are ever asked for this information, you are no longer on LostMoney's Consumer Site.

* Consumer Advocate Wayne Warrington has produced a comprehensive guide to the secrets of unclaimed property. You can secure a copy to learn how you can protect your family from losing money to the government and major corporations around the world.  Simply complete the family profile for your free search reports and access to our databases of all reported unclaimed property in the USA and Canada and additional options and benefits will be made available to you over the next few weeks as we begin the search process for you and your family.





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Simply complete the family profile form below and 1) we will get you immediate access to the online search files, and 2) our research department will start to compile your personalized LostMoney reports that are guaranteed to help you recover the unclaimed property available for you and your family.  All questions below help us HELP YOU!  Thank you and enjoy our Consumer Friendly and Advertisement Free site.

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